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Address: Suite 300, 145 King Street West, Toronto, Ontario M5H 1J8
Tel No.: (416)352-3000
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360° Thinking

Spectrum United formed in 1987, they have expanded to serve more than 200,000 Canadian investors with over $8 billion invested in a wide range of mutual funds.

Today, they are in partnership with 8 investment management firms worldwide, Spectrum United brings unsurpassed research capabilities to global fund management. World-renowned names such as Mercury Asset Management and regional specialists such as Toronto's McLean Budden and MFS Institutional Advisors in the United States, are chosen for their specific expertise. Together, over 500 investment personnel located in 38 countries work to bring superior investment performance to the Spectrum United investor.

Spectrum United mutual funds are sold through independent financial planners, brokers and representatives of Sunetco Investment Services. They can help you build the right investment portfolio to meet your needs.

Spectrum United is wholly-owned by one of Canada largest insurance companies, Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada, celebrating over 125 years of service to millions of clients around the globe.

In today's complex financial markets, successful investing takes a high degree of knowledge, skill and commitment. At Spectrum United, they call it 360° Thinking.

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