About Chinese Investment Club Inc.

Chinese Investment Club Inc. was established in 1993, which is the first independent organization in Toronto, 

Ontario providing information on North America Stock markets, Canadian mutual funds and franchising business information to the Chinese community. Their major objective is to act as a bridge for the listed companies, mutual fund companies and franchisors to reach the Chinese investment market in North America. All services are in English and Chinese, it enhances the Chinese investors understand the market better before they start to do their own investment.

Through the Hot-Line services, NAFinance.com  and NAChinese.com  internet services program, Chinese investors can receive the most update information about the financial market and the messages from public companies.

And based on their eight years good tracking record, Chinese Investment Club Inc. has full confidence in helping the local companies, organizations and associations, etc. to develop their business or expose their information in Chinese community. They have already built up an extensive network in Chinese community through different channels.

Mr. Raymond Chan is the founder and the President of Chinese Investment Club Inc. He gained his Bachelor of Commerce from Concordia University, Montreal, Quebec in 1984 with major in Business Administration Management. He has been the financial analyst in two Chinese newspapers in Toronto, Ontario for more than eight years. He also was the financial columnist in Sing Tao Daily Newspaper in Toronto, Ontario and in different Hong Kong magazines. He is the author of the book "All About Canada" (2nd edition), whish was published in 1989 in Hong Kong.

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