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Komodo Inc. is dedicated to the elimination of Internet-based viruses - and the secure nature of the delivery of email and content of their attachments - through a unique application.

The company is in the process of filing for patented protection of this technology, but, suffice to say, it will out-rival anything " anti-virus " now available on the market. Available virus protection can only attempt the eradication of known viruses. As there are in excess of 150 new viruses developed by " hackers " daily, even the most popular software package on the market can only act as a bandaid.

Komodo's marketing philosophy is to enable access to secure email at a cost affordable by individuals or corporation of any size and in a format that can be accessed remotely from anywhere in the world. As such, the Company will have an easy entry point to the market and be a very attractive acquisition to the likes of MSN Hotmail, AOL and @Home.

The process will be easy to incorporate for both individual and corporations as there's no equipment to purchase or download and no internal technical support required.

Go with Komodo and say goodbye to viruses forever!

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