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Veridien Corporation is a health care company focusing on infection control and has developed unique patented products including patented disinfectants, antiseptic hand gels, skin cleansers, as well as sun protection products. These products are inherently non-toxic and environment friendly. Viraguarda is safe and effective as a tuberculocide, virucide, bactericide and fungicide.

Veridien's product lines are currently sold domestically and internationally directly and through distributors representing medical, dental, food, retail market chains, specialty markets, E-commerce, and under private label.


Veridien Corporation and DuPont Canada, Inc., a subsidiary of E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Company, recently announced a signing of a Letter of Intent to enter into a strategic alliance relating to the manufacturing and distribution of Veridien's patented disinfectant and antiseptic Viraguarda product line, SunSwipe?, BugSwipe?, and other products to be jointly developed in the United States and Canada. The obligations of the parties are subject to the entering of further agreements.

Veridien Corporation recently launched its Germ Defense Kits which are sold through their website and on Amazon.com Z Shops. The kits include patented antimicrobial products that are effective against strains of pathogenic bacteria (ie: VRE and MRSA), viruses, fungi, and mutated resistant bacteria ie: VRE and MRSA.


Veridien Corporation's unique patented and/or trademark products, in combination with a strong launch of its new formats and unique products in 2002 should provide Veridien with the ability to increase revenues over prior years while maintaining a reasonable gross profit margin on these sales.

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