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Address :  Suite 510 – 580 Hornby Street
Vancouver, BC
Canada V6C 3B6
Tel No.: 604-617-5448
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Contact Person: Don Mosher
Position: Vice President of Capital Markets

Company Data

Traded Market: TSX-V / OTCQB / Frankfurt
Traded Symbol: DME / DMEHF / QM01
Outstanding Shares: 58.8 million
52 Week High: $ 2.11
52 Week Low: $ 0.14
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Desert Mountain is a publicly traded exploration and resource company focused on the discovery and development of rare earth gas fields in the United States. The Company is primarily looking for elements deemed critical to the green energy and high-technology industries.

Currently the Company holds properties in two projects – its Heliopolis Helium Project in Arizona and its Kight Gilcrease Sand Unit (KGSU) Helium, Oil and Gas Project in Oklahoma.

Helium plays a critical role in the manufacture of high capacity hard drives, barcode readers, computer chips, semiconductors, LCD panels and fibre optic cable; as a refrigerant in cryogenics research; and as a coolant for nuclear reactors, MRI machines and space vehicles.


Exploration for Helium and Oil & Gas in Arizona's Prolific Holbrook Basin

  • Early mover among junior explorers in the Helium space.
  • 81,328 acres of key Helium prospects under lease throughout the Holbrook Basin. Among the highest Helium (He) grades in world produced there ranging from 8% to 10% versus benchmark commercial grades of 0.3% to 1%.
  • Two of the world's richest historic producing helium gas fields, the Pinta Dome and Navajo Springs, are situated in this region.
  • World's best address for Helium: “The Saudi Arabia of Helium”
  • Worldwide shortage of Helium reflects huge demands from high tech and the new economy. Helium is now the “High Tech Rare Gas”.
  • He supplies are limited with U.S. National Helium Reserve in Amarillo, TX projected to be exhausted in 2020. The world's largest supplier for 70 years.
  • Worldwide market size approximately $1.5 Billion and projected to grow sharply. The U.S. Currently now provides approximately 40% of worldwide supply.
  • Recent prices at BLM public auction averaged $279 per thousand cu.ft. (Mcf) for Crude He, reflecting a 135% increase over past 12 months.
  • Well positioned to provide a secure source of He supply to users in the high tech and aircraft industries in nearby California, the Western U.S. and worldwide.
  • Many existing and potential sources of He are in high risk countries far from end users: Qatar, Algeria, Russia, and Tanzania.
  • Proven management team includes highly experienced oil & gas professionals with Helium experience in Arizona.
  • Preliminary targeting work in the Holbrook Basin has now been completed, including mapping, geological studies and 2-D seismic.
  • Successfully completed and tested two high grade wells with excellent pressures
  • State 10-1
    • Flow rate of 24,214 MCFGPD
    • The average gas analysis showed:
      • Helium 7.1321%
      • Nitrogen 77.0837%
      • CO2 4.0183%
      • Methane and other assorted minor gases. 2.6512%
  • State 16-1
    • Flow rate of 1,251.2 MCFGPD
    • The average gas analysis showed:
      • Helium 4.0904%
      • Nitrogen 90.2742%
      • CO2 0.0063%
      • Methane and other assorted minor gases. 3.5535%
  • The Arizona Oil & Gas Conservation Commission has granted Desert Mountain Energy the permit to drill the third exploratory helium well in northeast Arizona.

Plan to Production

  • Total number of production wells projected 50 to 55
  • Gross revenue per well based on crude helium @ $275mcf is projected at $8,942,000
  • Total projected capital expenditure including all drilling and infrastructure over 6 years $45,000,000
  • Production starting October 2021 with 6 wells will cost $33,000,000
  • Payback based on only 6 wells after tax, G&A and royalties would be 18 months at current crude prices
  • Upgraded helium prices dramatically lower payback period

Investment Highlights

  • Exploration and development of Helium and Oil & Gas properties in the U.S. Southwest.
  • High-grade Helium project in Arizona and excellent permitted Helium, Oil & Gas Project in Oklahoma.
  • Proven, successful management team that knows how to find, develop, package and vend projects.
  • World Class technical team with decades of experience in exploration and development of Helium, Hydrocarbons and other minerals.
  • Excellent access to capital markets.
  • Tight share structure and no long-term debt.
  • Now trading on TSX Venture Exchange, U.S. OTC and on Frankfurt. The Company has more value in place than ever before.
  • Corporate philosophy that respects the environment, the community and education


Management Team

Robert Rohlfing, CEO, President and Chairman

Mr. Rohlfing is a seasoned oil & gas industry operations executive with a strong geological background and over 25 years' experience in formulating, conducting and managing successful exploration, drilling, development and production programs for oil & gas and minerals worldwide.

Scott Davis, CPA, CGA, Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Davis is a partner of Vancouver-based Cross Davis & Company LLP Chartered Professional Accountants. Mr. Davis has extensive accounting and finance experience.

Dr. James Cronoble, PhD (Geology), Vice President of Exploration, Director

Dr. Cronoble has more than forty years of exploration and operations experience in the Rocky Mountains and Mid-Continent of the United States.

Don Mosher, Vice-President of Capital Markets, Director

Mr. Mosher has 35 years of experience in corporate finance, business development, management and marketing. He has served on boards and management teams of many publicly traded companies. He has extensive experience in the resource sector, having been associated with a number of junior resource companies across the mineral spectrum and in oil & gas.

Jenaya Rohlfing, Director

Petroleum Engineer who has exhibited exceptional technical, leadership and organizational skills in all facets of drilling operations for oil & gas over the past 13 years in various management positions with ConocoPhillips.

News Update

On January 12, 2021, Desert Mountain Energy Corp. announced that it has exercised some of its options on properties and has acquired an additional 8,510 acres in Navajo county, Arizona. All of the newest properties are on private lands.

On January 4, 2021, Desert Mountain Energy Corp. announced that, in keeping with its first quarter 2021 plans, it selected well locations for No. 4 and No. 5, and completed the associated cultural resource fieldwork and plant survey. Both wells No. 4 and No. 5 will be located approximately 30 miles from wells No. 1 and No. 2.


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