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Address :  47 Colborne Street, Suite 307
Toronto, Ontario
Canada M5E 1P8
Tel No.: (416) 363-3833
Fax No.: (289) 724-0612
Web Site:
Contact Person: Paul Haber
Position: Chief Financial Officer

Company Data

Traded Market: CSE
Traded Symbol: GPC
Outstanding Shares: 18 million
Public Float: 13 million
52 Week High: $ 0.165
52 Week Low: $ 0.01
Present Price: Click Here



Listed on the Canadian Securities Exchange under the trading symbol "GPC", Gunpowder Capital Corp. is a merchant bank and advisory services firm based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Today capital is the "elixir of life" for all businesses. The Company chose the name "Gunpowder Capital" as it can provide the capital that can grow / ignite an idea into a powerful new form gaining the attention of many.

Gunpowder invests in both publicly traded and private businesses that have successful management teams and attractive economic models. Gunpowder partners to support its growth initiatives with its proven methodology of appropriate financing and structured exits.

Gunpowder Capital offers the capital, support, flexibility and exit strategy client-companies require allowing them to focus on core operations, without the distractions.


Gunpowder Capital offers the following services:

  1. Debt Financing (Mezzanine, Bridge, Convertible Debentures, and Loans);
  2. Equity Financing; and
  3. Advisory Services.

Debt and Equity Financing

At Gunpowder Capital its investment strategy is primarily centered on companies that have a "go public" mandate. Gunpowder is sector agnostic; its analysts look for quality, revenue-generating companies and every opportunity will be assessed on its own merits.

  1. Debt Financing – GPC will assess collateral, security, expectations of repayment in relation to the return.
  2. Equity Financing – GPC will assess revenue, profitability, growth expectations, chances / risk of achieving growth.

Advisory Services

Its unique engagement at Gunpowder Capital advises owners and the executive team on the many options and aspects of "going-public", Gunpowder assists in selecting appropriate advisors where needed such as CPAs/accountants, lawyers, valuators, etc. and supports the executive team as they all work towards the same goal.

Gunpowder Capital assumes many of the cumbersome duties throughout the entire IPO / RTO process; this integrated partnership works to keep distractions and costs down.

The result is a better executed business plan while Gunpowder Capital helps to reduce both client-company AND investor risk.

On completion of the structured exit, Gunpowder's support does not end. Gunpowder Capital is well positioned to assist its client companies in managing the capital markets as it facilitates broker and analyst meetings, assists with regulatory filings and disclosure to open the doors to executive and strategic advisory services in M&A, as GPC considers even greater opportunities for expansion into other markets.

Accessing Capital Markets

  • Smaller businesses typically go public via a Reverse Take Over (RTO) involving shell companies or CPCs.
  • A shell vehicle with no cash typically costs about $500,000.
  • As a public company Gunpowder facilitates go public transactions via a stock swap and corresponding stock dividend which follows a quicker and less expensive process.
  • Every common shareholders of Gunpowder will receive stock dividends in the companies that Gunpowder takes public when GPC spins them out.
  • GPC's fee varies but is typically $250,000 thereby significantly reducing the dilution to its clients compared to the traditional RTO process.


  • Gunpowder also makes and facilitates investments in various companies.
  • Direct investments take the form of debt and target a return that includes interest, royalties and an equity kicker.
  • Gunpowder invests in both companies that it is working to take public as well as standalone opportunities.
  • Gunpowder also leverages its capital market connections to source debt and equity for clients. Gunpowder may participate as part of a syndicate or just acts as a finder and earns a fee plus equity kicker.


  • Gunpowder is also looking to opportunistically acquire assets.
  • The Company is currently reviewing opportunities in real estate, telecom and financial services.
  • The Company is looking at opportunities where it believes it can add value or build shareholder value.
  • The Company may hold these investments to harvest cash flows to re-deploy or spin out the entities as standalone public companies.

Recent Transactions (see website)

July 29th, 2016 – Franchise Holdings International, Inc. engages Gunpowder Capital Corp.

to assist in listing FHI's common shares onto the Canadian Securities Exchange and to provide inventory financing to its wholly owned subsidiary, Truxmart Inc.

July 6th, 2016 – Gunpowder Capital Corp., announces formation of GP Self Storage Inc., and acquisition of two Ontario based storage unit facilities.

July 4th, 2016 – Gunpowder Capital Corp., announces formation of Real Estate Division.

May 19th, 2016 – Gunpowder Capital Corp., loans CDN$75,000.00 to Advantagewon Inc.

April 26th, 2016 – Advantagewon Inc. engages Gunpowder Capital Corp. to assist with Go Public Transaction.

February 19th, 2016 – Gunpowder Capital Corp., loans CDN$150,000.00 to Cardiff Energy Corp. (TSX-V:CRS).


Frank Kordy, Director and Interim Chief Executive Officer

Paul Haber, CPA CA, C.Dir, Chief Financial Officer

Paul Van Benthem, Director Business Development

News Update

On July 29, 2016, Gunpowder Capital Corp. announced that Franchise Holdings International has engaged Gunpowder to assist in listing FHI's common shares onto the Canadian Securities Exchange and to provide inventory financing to its wholly owned subsidiary, Truxmart Inc.

FHI will pay $12,500 to Gunpowder to manage and to assist with the listing of FHI common shares on the CSE. Upon successful completion of the CSE listing, FHI will issue 3.5 million common shares to Gunpowder. Gunpowder plans to dividend out one million of these shares to its common shareholders. It is anticipated that the CSE listing process will take 60 to 90 days to complete. After listing on the CSE, and pending approval by the CSE, FHI will also appoint Paul Haber, the current chief financial officer of Gunpowder Capital, as chairman of the board of directors of FHI.

Gunpowder has also agreed to provide inventory financing to FHI's wholly owned subsidiary, Truxmart Inc. Gunpowder has agreed to loan up to $500,000 ($50,000 immediately and $450,000 after the CSE listing, subject to certain terms and conditions) to finance inventory purchases and to support growth.


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