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Address :  1400, 1040 West Georgia Street
Vancouver, B.C.
Canada V6E 4H1
Tel No.: 604-608-1999
Fax No.: 778-379-9990
Web Site:
Contact Person: Rob van Santen
Position: CFO

Company Data

Traded Market: CSE
Traded Symbol: VGW
Outstanding Shares: 56,176,000
Public Float: 6,977,000
52 Week High: $ 1.65
52 Week Low: $ 0.12
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Valens GroWorks Corp. is a CSE-listed company with an aggressive acquisition strategy in progress, providing management, consulting, testing and support services to domestic and international licensees, as well as financing the buildout of established, fully-licensed operations. The Company seeks to capture a broad spectrum of clinical trial and R&D clients, medical marijuana users, as well as recreational users once legalized, in pursuit of its ambitious seed to sale and farm to pharma objectives.

The Company has two wholly-owned subsidiaries based in the Okanagan Valley of British Columbia: 1) Valens Agritech Ltd. ( which holds a Controlled Drugs and Substances Dealers Licence at its state-of-the-art Health Canada inspected and approved two-acre secured site and 17,000 sf production facility in Kelowna, British Columbia, and is seeking to add a Licence to Produce and Licence to Sell to its operations, and 2) Supra THC Services Inc. (, a Health Canada Dealers-Licenced cannabis testing lab with an established scientific team supporting its operations, positioning to provide sector-leading analytical and proprietary services to Licensed Producers and ACMPR patients.

The Company's mission is to be the most profitable, fully-integrated Plants to Premium Products ("P2P") cannabis-focused company through the creation of a "Best Practices, R&D-backed, end-to-end Global Bioscience Platform".

Expansion of Kelowna Operations (Proposed)

  • Licensing, Facilities Buildout, Production
    • On May 26, 2017 Health Canada introduced several improvements to its medical cannabis program, expected to have direct application to the Company's expansion plans;
    • Potential near-term issuance of an LP to the Company, and expedited acquisition of an LS concurrent to the Company's DL cultivation activities.
  • Additional Expansion Opportunities Available

Arizona – Joint Venture Cash Flow

MKV Ventures 1, LLC ("MKV"), a wholly-owned subsidiary of MKHS, LLC, has engaged VGW to help manage and fund expansion on its 9.5 acre operating site:

  • MKV completing VGW-funded 28,000-sf Farmtek greenhouse expansion;
  • VGW funded $1,628,266 (US$1,212,500) (the "Loan");
  • Loan accruing 15% p.a. interest effective May 15, 2016;
  • Loan repayment + fees over 5-year term starts with first crop;
  • Unconditionally guaranteed by established licensed operator MKHS;
  • VGW has 5-year renewable Professional Services Agreement (the "PSA");
  • VGW collects US$720,000/yr under PSA for management services with first crop;
  • VGW bills additional consulting services, invoiced monthly;
  • VGW reimbursed for expenses and sub-contracted services;
  • Buildout currently under construction;
  • Cash flow expected starting late 2017.

Near Term Business Catalysts

  • Industry Catalysts
    • Federal government introduces adult-use (recreational) marijuana April 2017;
    • Recreational / Adult sales targeted to start July 1 2018;
    • Distribution to be organized mostly at the Provincial level.
  • Company Specific Catalysts
    • Receipt of Controlled Drugs and Substances Dealer's License (May 18, 2017);
    • Cash flow from Supra THC consulting, management fees, testing and extraction;
    • Cash flow from 28,000 sf greenhouse with Arizona joint venture partner;
    • LP and LS for 38,000 sf "Craft" cannabis production at Valens' Okanagan Valley facility;
    • Domestic and International partnerships.

Sales & Brand Development

Positioning for the Future:

    Premium Quality Specialty Cannabis and Services

    High-Margin Natural Health Products (NHP)

  • Focus on quality, sustainable wholesale production;
  • Complementary commercial-scale specialty-strain extraction;
  • Branding "Made in Canada", "BC Bud" and "Okanagan Valley" themes;
  • Customized online sales portal and wholesale customer app;
  • Synergistic relationships & Joint Ventures with Pharmacies & authorized Dispensaries will be cultivated ahead of commoditization of production;
  • Export and International Production vis a vis Canada/EU free trade opportunity and South America, Australia, New Zealand and Asia partnerships where Canadian brand resonates.

Cannabis Natural Drug Discovery

  • Over 50% of drugs approved in the last 30 years derived from Natural Products:
    • Aspirin, Morphine, Taxol, Penicillin etc.
  • Cannabis extracts have been reported to treat as many as 87 different disease indications:
    • HUGE potential for disease modification;
    • ~ 550 natural components identified in cannabis, 115 cannabinoids;
    • Best known are THC and CBD;
    • Valens can speed the process to help determine specific combinations of components for effective disease treatment.
  • Clinical studies with cannabis extracts have demonstrated compound is well tolerated with low side effects.
  • Exceptional safety ratio suggests quick path to patients.

Corporate Strengths

  • Developing "Best-In-Class" fully-licensed cannabis-focused verticals that are horizontally integrated "From Plants to Premium Products";
  • Quality organic product focus demanding premium pricing with exceptional profit margins;
  • Complimentary wholesale, retail, geographic, product and services revenue streams;
  • Experienced, passionate growers with 75+ combined years of MMAR growing experience and product knowledge;
  • Scalable operations, cost-controlled expansion;
  • International wholesale expansion framework.


Management and Directors

A. Tyler Robson, B.Sc., Director & Chief Executive Officer (Director of Operations, Valens Agritech)

Mr. Robson was Chief Operating Officer of the Company until taking the reins as Chief Executive Officer in May 2017. Mr. Robson provides consulting services on plant genetics, growing methods, and leading facility and soil grown techniques that ensures consistently produced medical marijuana of the highest quality.

Rob van Santen, CPA, CA, CMT, Director & Chief Financial Officer

Mr. van Santen has been Chief Executive Officer of the Company since October 2014 until May 2017, and led the Company's foray into the health science sector in 2015. Mr. van Santen has over 30 years of investment industry and financing experience. Mr. van Santen is Managing Director of Agilis Capital Corp.

Annie Storey, CPA, CA, BBA, Controller

Ms. Storey has over 25 years of accounting, reporting and financial management experience.

Gordon J. Fretwell, B.Com, LL.B., Secretary, Legal Counsel

Mr. Fretwell has been practicing securities law for over 25 years.

Dr. Rob O'Brien, Director (President, Valens Agritech, Chief Science Officer)

Dr. O'Brien is an innovation solution provider with a strong experience base in analytical chemistry, laboratory and research team management, scientific education and corporate management. He is a recognized expert and has been working with quality control protocols for Natural Health Products for over a decade.

David Gervais, Director

Mr. Gervais is a co-founder of Valens Agritech and former president of Northwest Supplements, a pharmaceutical wholesale company with international import/export capabilities. Since 2001 Mr. Gervais has focused on developing and implementing successful growing methods and systems, necessary to ensure healthy and successful commercial scale cannabis production.

John Binder, Independent Director

Mr. Binder is the founder, President and CEO of Avmax Group Inc., a Calgary based heavy aircraft maintenance and servicing facility, as well as Executive Vice-President for Regional Express Aviation Ltd. and Chairman of the Board and CEO of R1 Airlines Ltd. (and Regional 1's founder). Mr. Binder was recognized with the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award.

Timothy Tombe, Independent Director

Mr. Tombe is co-founder of Valens Agritech Ltd. and founded Advantage Microbial Solutions in 2009 to provide microbiological materials to the viticulture industry, and a wide variety of organically certified material for the agriculture and hydroponic industry.

News Update

On October 5, 2017, Valens GroWorks Corp. announced that its wholly owned subsidiary Valens Agritech Ltd. has signed a supply and sales agreement with Canopy Growth Corp. for the distribution, marketing and sale of the Company's branded products through Canopy Growth's extensive CraftGrow distribution network, including the Tweed Main Street website.

On October 3, 2017, Valens GroWorks Corp. announced that it has formed a research partnership with UBC Okanagan (University of British Columbia) and Thompson Rivers University. Dubbed the Cannabis Bioproducts Toolbox, this collaborative research project will explore the vast range of bioproducts that can be made from the plant – these include pharmaceuticals, nutritional products and industrial fibre.

On August 11, 2017, Valens GroWorks Corp. announced that is closing 3,250,615 units for proceeds of $3,250,615, the first tranche of its non-brokered private placement, to raise up to $4-million at a price of $1 per unit, as announced on July 26, 2017.

On July 26, 2017, Valens GroWorks Corp. announced that it has arranged a non-brokered private placement of up to four million units at a price of $1 per unit for gross proceeds of up to $4-million.

The net proceeds of the offering will be used for plant expansion, including additional growing and oil extraction capacity at existing facilities; marketing and branding initiatives; and other growth opportunities and general corporate purposes.


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